Termite Control using Foaming Agents

Published: 10th March 2011
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At ePestSolutions we offer a full line of professional Termite control products, including termite baits, insecticides, termiticides, termite traps, wood preservatives, dusts, foams, monitors and aerosol for the Do It yourself Pest Controlhomeowner. These DIY pest control products are the most effective control products on the market and until recently were not available to the general public. Now you can treat your home or business with the same products the professional pest control technicians use at a fraction of the cost.

There is no single insect that creates a bigger stir than termites, most homeowners see large dollars signs and the fear that within days their most prized possession will crumble to the ground.

Termites are social insects, living in cooperatives and cohesive colonies. Each member is only concerned with one thing the success of the whole colony. Some worker termites can live up to 2 years and colonies have an endless shelf life with constant food available. Birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, and ants eat termites as well as some cultures consuming them for their high protein.

A liquid Chemical Barrier for termite control works by killing or repelling the subterranean termites. The termites are killed when entering the structure or killed when leaving the structure to return to the colony. There are specific termiticides that are considered a repellent chemical such as Masterline Permethrin or Talstar. Termites will stay away from the chemical because they have a sense for it and it repels them away from the treated area.

The tendency of repellent chemicals is to repel termites away from structures. Bifenthrin, Demon TC, Talstar and CYper TC are examples of repellent chemicals. Repellent chemicals are primarily used in preconstruction treatments, preventative treatments and where fast control of subterranean termites is desired.

Premise foam and Phantom foam both work well for killing existing termites in walls. Using Tim-bor or Bora care for wood treatment, when the unfinished wood is exposed or being replaced is ideal in this situation.

Premise Foam or Phantom Foam are both excellent tools for applying chemicals into wall voids and other areas where drilling through the cement patio or foundation is too difficult or inappropriate. You can use a 3/8" drill bit and drill in between wall studs about 4-6 inches from the floor. Premise foam and Phantom foam make it easy to apply a termiticide into a wall void. These are ready to use products that contain a foaming agent and insecticide together, similar to fix a flat, these products will expand to fill wall void with 6" layer of foam to penetrate studs, woodwork, etc, and kill termites on contact.

Outside Perimeter Termite BaitingTermite bait technology (Advance Termite Bait or Firstline Termite Bait) uses wood or a cellulose matrix favored by termites that is impregnated with a slow-acting toxic chemical. Termite workers feed upon the bait and transfer it by grooming or trophallaxis to other colony members, eventually reducing or eliminating the entire colony. Termites forage among various food sites, which results in the bait being encountered by many colony members. The toxicant is slow acting because termites tend to avoid sites where sick and dead termites accumulate.

Typically, in-ground stations Firstline Monitors, Advance Termite Monitors, PT-701 are inserted in the soil next to the structure and near known or suspected sites of termite activity. In-ground stations often initially contain untreated wood that serves as a monitoring device. The monitoring wood is replaced with the toxicant (Advance Termite Bait Cartridge, Firstline GT Plus) once termites have been detected feeding on it. In addition, aboveground stations may be installed inside or on the structure in the vicinity of damaged wood and shelter tubes. Aboveground stations (Firstline AG) initially contain bait.

It is very important that bait systems are properly installed and diligently serviced. Monthly inspections of a baiting system usually are necessary, except during inclement winter weather. Successful termite baiting necessitates proper monitoring and maintenance of the stations.

Termite baits (Advance Termite Bait System, Firstline Termite Bait System) are "environmentally-friendly" because they use very small quantities of chemical and decrease the potential for environmental contamination. In addition, Advance Termite Bait and Firstline Termite Bait application causes little disruptive noise and disturbance compared to soil treatments. Advance Termite Bait and Firstline Termite Bait can be used in structures with wells or cisterns, sub-slab heating ducts, and other features that may preclude a soil treatment. Advance Termite Bait and Firstline Termite Bait are often used in sensitive environments.

Termites feed slowly so there is no need to panic if they are discovered in one’s home. A few weeks or months may be needed to decide on a course of treatment.

With the knowledge we have here at Epestsolutions, we can make your termite treatment economical and effective. Please, if you are not sure on how to get the best out of your treatment and protect your home, don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us…we WILL help you.

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